7 techniques for sensitive folk experiencing overwhelm

As an Empath who dives deep spiritually and physically in her day job I’ve had to develop over the years what I call ‘good energy hygiene’!

Our energy/life force/chi has long been recognised in many cultures as an essential dynamic component in maintaining health and emotional balance.

Trapped emotions from the past, living in trauma and fear, poor boundaries and being disconnected from our own body and instincts will affect this.

When your energy feels clear and abundant so do you.

And when large groups of people are focused on a similar event this creates a huge collective emotional field…

Healing the self, earthing the soul

As I swim in the gleaming sea I have so many things to say.
They come through me, from Gaia.

‘Is self love a disembodied concept?’ ‘Am I a part of a greater ‘earth-self?’

The cold, high water pulls me around the sun as I float forever and a second. I listen to my heart, feeling her held by the unfurling waves:

When I unconditionally love everything within me, the shadows, tides, judgements and longings, then I am no longer separate. I am the swirl of acceptance. …

Going outside to feel inside

I keep forgetting where my soul is in the midst of these times.

Is it in the deep woods of my dreams? The parts of me still breathing through simple moments of rebellious joy, who feels the tender hurts and miracle of being alive — here, still, every day — or my subterranean inner knowing who stubbornly trusts in the truth and her own resilient gifts.

This April New Moon is a potent time to feel and imagine. To plant seeds of personal truth and stand in your own feeling-heart of authenticity.

It asks ‘will you dare be your unique…

My 2021 wish list: more embodied play, freedom and love

It’s 5.57 am on 20th March, this year’s Spring Equinox.

I’m in my pyjamas, coat on, grizzily happy and hosting a late Japanese Anime hangover from the night before, slowly walking up the steep West Hill.

The light is subtle and hopeful, a blue babypink emulsion streaking across the waking sky…Norman Castle ruins on the right, I approach the cusp of the hill…and then I see it.

My mug of tea splutters in my hand, a big ‘ahhhh’ escapes from my lips.

In the vast early dawn sky there is a huge dolphin shaped cloud….

(see proof below, this is…

Choosing resilience and dream time within this winter

There’s a time after heavy snow when nothing moves.

The skyline is tender, wild and soft. The air is fresh and thick with Presence and the cold light glides in and out of your pores.

In those moments you chord with the deepest truth within you. The silence isn’t lonely. It’s everything and weighted.

It listens.

Every fractal of emotion melts, held in amethyst visions of trysts forming from new beliefs.

Where desire can grow from the true groundswell of your own heart.

You are centred — cording the eternal — and it opens you up to the entire soul…

Healing the shadows through an ancient sumerian myth

Down she goes: Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Sex, Justice, and War, forging a mission to reach her big sister Ereshkigal of the Underworld.

The latter is intemperate, untameable, and blisteringly powerful — the shadow self who’s grieving her own loss and staying put in the cave of unknowing.

The Descent of Inanna, the archetypal ancient Sumerian poem (c. 1900–1600 BCE), chronicles the often fraught journey home to wholeness.

Inanna expects a civilised funeral and firm word with a tricky sibling.

Instead she gets the very opposite — limbs of certainty torn away and a husband back home who…

Earth’s deep liminal womb time

I need the rest and unknowing place
where I can’t see ahead,

just twigs and the moon
and dark truths long kept.

I need these layers
of time mulched too deep

and emerald wise caves
with dry roots turned sweet;

with rebirthing looms
threading new waves,

weaving cold nights
of thick red seal tales.

I’m choosing to smuggle
this permission beneath stars,

of listening womb’s sleep
and owls guarding lands.

The Womb is the keeper of the inner mysteries which in the old ways was seen as the living matrix of life, the dark portal, the void.

The old Celts…

And a humble tennis ball can help release them

Wriggling around in busyness and avoiding my emotions last week I found by Friday there was a tense fog surrounding me like that haunted thundercloud scene in Ghostbusters — where the ectoplasm slimes Liberty!

It created a dissonance from my heart and wobbled my hopeful stability.

Then came the enormous ghost zapping rescue that is yoga class and a tennis ball.

I’ve done bodywork — pilates, somatic yoga and a bit of dance — throughout 2020, mainly via zoomland and I’m a bodyworker myself.

I never fail to be awed by the everyday denial I can live through in terms…

My fave foods for health…plus treats

Seeing as we’re heading into the cosy underworld that is Winter in the Northern Hemisphere I thought I’d share my favourite foods for supporting health and healing during this season (plus my ‘guilty pleasure’ as Dennett prompted us Weeds & Wildflowers followers).

Our bodies dream with the circadian sea

As some of you know I am a moon loving mermaid who skips close to the sea.

So imagine my delight when I discovered our body’s own osmotic balance — the internal salt-water distributive tide of our cells — is highly affected by the circadian rhythm and lunar cycles.

Every night when we sleep something rather magical occurs within every cell.

Electrolytes are juicy essential minerals that carry an electric charge when dissolved in a liquid like blood. At night — to create balance — ‘pairs’ like sodium/potassium hold a little oceanic line dance and swap over.

They move with…

Kat Magik

Healer, Masseuse, Embodiment Geek* writes about self love, sovereignty, health & ecology* https://twitter.com/KatMagik2

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